Pictures of the inside...

The Reception area on the main floor. (150 N. Main)

Front entry way on the main floor and the elevator door on the 2nd floor.

The Hallway upstairs.

Pictures of the approximately 2,000 sq. ft. conference room.  (A door can divide it into two rooms)
Both rooms are set up with 1 or 2 LCD projectors (for a total of 3), surround sound, and Internet access for instruction. (Room #160 & #170)
The other side is adjacent to a large kitchen.

The kitchen is just off the Large Conference Room (#170)

The Exercise Room has an adjacent locker room complete with a shower. (#180)

The hallway has drinking fountains and restrooms.

This is the outside to one of the offices. (#158)

Part of the inside of the 1,200 square foot unit MOL. (#166) Before it was divided into 5 Offices.
This unit has four windows and two storage closets.

We have a studio apartment used for Instructors when they come teach a class. (#190)

Inside one of the Inner offices. (#164)

Inside one of the exterior offices. (#166 before the division of the room)

Inside one of the exterior offices. (#168)


Here is a copy of the floor plan for the upsatirs.

Here is some virtual tour pictures of some of the rooms.

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